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WESTTEC Services was formed with the idea to make computers and technology more accessible and understandable to businesses and home users. The motto of WESTTEC Services IT support is to
"Keep IT Simple".

With this prinicple, WESTTEC Services aims to make your computers and IT setup suitable to your needs and purposes, without getting too hi-tech or complicated, and to give any technical advice and information in understandable terms so it becomes less confusing, not more.


WESSTEC Services has a results focused ideology. In all our work, whether it be IT services or graphic and web design, We keep in mind the goal of achieving a satisfactory outcome and a usable product.

For IT support, the result that is striven for is an operational, productive and secure computer system, network device or peripheral.

For Design services, the objective is a pleasing and professional website or promotional piece that meets specifications.

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